Á La Carte Software and P2E Solutions

ETL and Business Intelligence Reporting

We are able to integrate with master data systems, interpret the data and determine if outcomes are meeting the organization’s expectations. Various BI reporting tools, such as Qlikview, can be used to represent the data for any management level in the organization.

Workflow Compliance

Through the use of iButton technology, Elemco has built work-flow software which compares your staff’s activities against standards (ISO, cGMP, etc) and quickly warns of issues that can be costly.

Standards Compliance and "Golden Batch" adherence

When a process order is assigned on resources, Elemco’s interface will initialize a series of graphs, based on the item code’s established standards for each PLC’s channel of data. Once the batch begins, real time monitoring of the PLC data will plot points against its standard and warn of out of control situations. It’s essentially an SPC chart for every element of the batch (temperature, pressure, speed, vacuum, etc). Other features allow you “stripe” the graph, giving visual cues to forewarn when user intervention is necessary as well as saving all of the plotted data from the perfect “Golden batch” to be used as the defacto standard for future runs of the same item code.

OTC Products

Elemco can apply specific workflow for OTC products. Once a work order for an OTC product is detected the on-screen process will guide the user to ensure your company’s OTC regulatory compliance needs for that product’s country of destination are being considered.

Exceptions to the rule

Elemco’s designers are aware that every manufacturing process has its exceptions. We allow these rule-based exceptions (such as “running on reject”) to be built into our software’s workflow while providing the proper exposure to management for decision making.

Systems of record

Elemco’s applications can be used as the master data system of records or can integrate into your company’s already established systems of records (SAP, Oracle, As400, etc). With expertise in Master Data Governance and Master Data Integration we can work with your business and IT teams to determine the best approach for you needs.

MRP and Finite Scheduling

Elemco’s manufacturing resource planning modules are customized to meet your business model. Whether using a push or pull model or a lean manufacturing hybrid for a push-pull system, Elemco will read from your systems of record and take into account multi-level BOMs, scrap percentages, Open purchase orders, MOQ, Lot sizing, etc.


By monitoring real-time inventory levels as work orders are created our systems can suggest purchasing requirements taking into account vendor lead times and minimum order quantities.

Auto Replenishment

This feature is used to minimize the amount of product needed at the staging and production lines. We use the PLC information to determine the real-time line speed vs. the standard speed, BOM components qty used per finshed good, actual qty produced and qty remaining (based on the process order's open qty) and determine how much of each component is needed to suport one hour's worth of production. This information is shown on a large monitors and real time pick notifications are sent to the HiLo drivers RF guns to replenish product at the needed line. This process has many benefits as it not only saves money by freeing staging racks but also avoids prodution lines running out of components while other lines have more than they need for the moment.

Time to ChangeOver

This feature is used to allow mechanics to plan for change overs by showing the run time left on a current job. We use the PLC information to determine the real-time line speed vs. the standard speed, actual qty produced and qty remaining (based on the process order's open qty) and determine how much time is left before the current job ends. This information can be shown on a large monitors and notifications are sent at requested intervals.

Firm / UnFirm

Using robust BI tools and applying expert knowledge Elemco can read your Master Production Schedule to identify which of your firmed jobs are not able to run based on actual inventory levels. We then analyze which components are "holding up the works" and apply "What If" scenarios to show which Firmed jobs are able to be partially fulfilled as well as which UnFirmed jobs can be pulled forward and scheduled immediately.

How did you make this?

Elemco’s “How did you make this?” real-time usage tracking can be used during the finished goods production reporting process to immediately capture inventory discrepancies. This can be implemented in any severity level including a stage gate in the process, requiring immediate reconciliation in order to proceed.

Product Tracking

Using Barcodes, RFID and other technologies, Elemco has been able to track products to ensure, “Things get where they need to be.” This can be as simple as ensuring a bag of samples has been brought to the appropriate laboratory or as complex as tracking pallets of product moving on an automatic guided vehicles throughout the enterprise.

Warehouse Management System

Elemco can provide a full WMS mid-sized solution or integrate with a current system to ensure product labeling, Vendor lot tracking, Standard and exception put away strategies, Production line picking, Quality adherence, Cycle Counting, Physical Inventories, etc.

Lot Identification and Quality Assurance

Elemco has provided fully compliant solutions for Quality Assurance needs. To be most effective, the QA systems need to integrate with every aspect of the supply chain including: Product standards, vendor certifications and vendor lot tracking; “Where used” identification; readily accessible “Certificates of Compliance”; Structured reporting for ISO, Customs Regulatory and cGMP; Warehousing and Manufacturing lot tracking: Reject, Vendor returns and destruction authorizations


Elemco uses the iButton technology to gather information about parts and activities, which allows our software to compare the captured information against necessary standards for compliance adherence, auditing, reporting, etc. An example of its usage is: “A hose, which has its attached Thermochron iButton continually collecting temperature, is scanned before use. Its temperature data is analyzed against standards to ensure it was heated to the minimum temperature, for the minimum time needed (based on the material used on the previous and next jobs). If so, we confirm to the user it can be used on the equipment.”