Elemco has a wide variety of experiences spanning many industries...

Our custom standard applications are installed in various companies. Many clients are small in size, while others have grown into global fortune 1000 and fortune 500 enterprises. We have also been fortunate enough to use our expertise in some very innovative ways since PLC controls and supply chain processes are industry agnostic. Our systems are:

> Controlling a water supply plant for a town’s public works dept.

> Reporting on financial and deliverable impacts if natural disasters take place in different parts of the world.

> Ensuring a famous English Muffin operation runs a smoothly as possible.

> Calculating the procurement needs to fulfill production requirements.

> Confirming the proper ingredients get mixed into twenty six different brands of makeup.

> Ensuring you can rely on your Tea Bag to make that perfect cup every time.

> Monitoring user activity to ensure the proper cleansing of machines parts.

> Automated one of the largest manufacturer of maraschino cherries on the east coast.

> Interfacing with regulatory agencies in various countries to ensure product adherence.

> Controlling equipment critical for operations to produce air-chilled organic chicken.

> Monitoring production lines for effectiveness and efficiency.

> Providing Can-Handler for various companies and redemption centers to confirm counts of product returns.

> Ensuring the real-time quality of ingredients being used in a finished product.

> Controlling Auger speeds for industrial mixers.

> Pasteurizing and homogenizing dairy products.

> Helping management understand what can be scheduled based on available inventory.

> Controlling and monitoring automatically guided vehicles to ensure inventory gets to its destination.

> Controlling the movement of magnets on a particle accelerator.

…and much more!